Nicorette Quick Mist 150 Sprays

Nicorette Quick Mist 150 Sprays

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Nicorette Quick Mist 150 Sprays

Nicorette Quick Mist is an excellent aid to smokers as it is quick in tackling cravings for nicotine. A study proves that it relieves cravings in a minute, which helps you to swiftly regain control. Since the results come by quicker, your confidence level soars making you believe in your ability to succeed in quitting smoking. 

How Does Nicorette Quick Mist Work

Nicorette Quick Mist releases nicotine, which is absorbed into your blood stream. By satisfying your cravings at a rapid pace, it helps to quit smoking.

Why Use Nicorette Quick Mist

Nicorette Quick Mist works much faster than most of the other similar products available in the market. By tackling your cravings quickly, it helps you to regain control of self thereby boosting your confidence level. The more confident you get about your will power to quit, sooner will be the results.

Size matters too. Being just about the size of a highlighter, Nicorette Quick Mist is portable and easily fits into your pocket or hand bag. Hence, using it whenever you feel the urge and wherever you are at that time, is quite easy. It simply does not matter whether you are at work place or at home, amongst friends or out all alone on a morning walk.